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The 2018 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week was officially launched in Chengdu on October 9. The theme of the activity week is "High-level innovation and high-quality development". Sanchuang Valley has always adhered to the construction concept of "Guiding Innovation, Promoting Entrepreneurship, and Advocating Creation", actively responding to the government's call, with the purpose of creating special activities and reflecting the unique charm of Jingrong Town Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, and specially undertook "Double Innovation" Seek challenge theme activities. This event was sponsored by the Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base Management Committee and undertaken by Sanchuang Valley. It actively participated in the 2018 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week with practical actions, and promoted "double innovation" with lively, interesting, novel and meaningful activities. The in-depth popularization and in-depth development of culture.

The "Double Creation" search activity took the cultural elements and landmarks of the innovative and entrepreneurial communities in Jingrong Town as the targets for the participating young college students. The activity encourages everyone to gather these landmark pictures and take photos with landmark elements as quickly as possible, which not only showcases the achievements of "double innovation" in a vivid way, but also presents the concept and culture of "double innovation" in a three-dimensional way, so that young college students can feel it firsthand To the tremendous changes brought about by "double innovation" to life and social development.

Young friends rushed to every corner of the "double creation" block in Jingrong Town, looking for the profound meaning of "double creation", leaving an eternal memorial with the cultural elements of the maker at the moment of pressing the shooting button!

The students also wrote their dream statement on the display stand. There are both "extreme excellence, no end to innovation", there is also the youthful and lively "innovation is yours, and you innovate"; there are both the courage of "fearless dreams and live up to youth", and there are also "entrepreneurial dreams," The heroic of "Innovative and Strong China"!

Everyone also rushed to leave young palm prints on the event theme exhibition board. These colors are fresh and vivid, and the traces of different shades are like the youth of "harmony but different", bright, enthusiastic and vibrant. The block is concentrated with startups, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects in various industries, which allows potential future makers to feel the unique charm of innovation and entrepreneurship in the course of the event.

Fun activities highlight the charm of "double innovation"

The event came to an end in the bright sun. "Double Entrepreneurship Week" shows its side full of passion and dreams, and also highlights its side full of challenges and dangers. However, the determination and confidence in innovation and entrepreneurship aroused during the event will extend to a promising future, leading young college students to work hard for the country, the society, and their personal ideals!