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      This year, top domestic and international competitions are intensively visiting Pidu District, where the 2018 "WORLDOFDANCE" World Dance Competition, the 2018 RA International Robot Competition·Future Engineering Challenge, GET IN THE RING, 2018FISE World Extreme Sports Tour and other series have been held here. In the competition, the international competition brand of Pidu District gradually expanded its influence and became the main force in the construction of Chengdu as a famous international competition city.

      Today, let us walk into the Shunas (Chengdu) International Enterprise Industrial Park and witness the international style of Jingrong Town together.

      Sunas (Chengdu) International Enterprise Industrial Park (STCC International Park-Chengdu, www.stccpark.com, referred to as "STCC Chengdu Industrial Park") is located in the Pidu District of Chengdu, one of the first demonstration bases for innovation and innovation in China. The only industrial park in the western region that is operated and managed by a team of professional American companies is affiliated to the Sunels International Group Inc. (www.sunelsgroup.com). The US Sunas Group was established in 2000 with the approval of the US government. It is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. It currently has branches and branches in San Francisco, Toronto, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Nantong, and in Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Israel and other European countries have cooperative institutions, which are comprehensive international business exchange service group companies covering the fields of Sino-foreign exchange visits and conferences, domestic and foreign training, study abroad and education consulting, corporate investment and mergers and acquisitions, park planning and management.

      STCC Chengdu Industrial Park is committed to promoting the rapid growth of domestic and foreign companies in Chengdu, China. We leverage the resource advantages of the American Sunas Group in the Americas and Europe, and combine the local industrial development direction and focus of Pidu District. +, food and beverages, new technologies, intelligent manufacturing, overseas product sales, etc., help companies develop and grow.

      The trend of global economic integration is immense and irreversible, the world is becoming a "global village", and reform and opening up continue to deepen in an all-round way. On the one hand, foreign-funded companies are optimistic about Pidu, and international competitions frequently land in Pidu. Foreigners are also constantly visiting Jingrong Town. Pidu is opening its heart to welcome various elements from the world. As the only industrial park in western China that is operated and managed by a team of professional American companies, Shunas (Chengdu) International Enterprise Industrial Park is using its own way to let more and more international friends know about Jingrong Town and Rongzhen and visit Jingrong Town.

      Zhang Xingren, executive deputy general manager of STCC Industrial Park, said that STCC will make full use of the international resource advantages of the US Sunas Group to actively carry out foreign exchange activities and connect foreign companies and institutions to visit and settle down. Promote foreign exchanges and cooperation in Jingrong Town, and promote the construction of Pidu District's national double innovation demonstration base.

      Standing at the historical starting point of the new era, China will only open its door wider and wider, and high-quality development will inevitably proceed under more open conditions. Regarding the one-stop office park and living supporting services provided by Jingrong Town, Mr. Zhang said that STCC Industrial Park will continue to show international companies the most beautiful entrepreneurial environment and best entrepreneurial conditions in Jingrong Town, and provide one-stop, nanny-style services , To help international enterprises to integrate into the entrepreneurial environment of Jingrong Town, Pidu District in the fastest time.

      "We will not only'go global', and promote our entrepreneurial environment throughout the country and even the world; we will also'bring in' and introduce more high-quality foreign companies to help Pidu's international development." said Zhang.

      Continue to create more comprehensive, deeper, and more diverse foreign exchanges, continue to work around attracting international companies to land, and providing international standard services. STCC will seize the opportunity to bring continuous impetus to the park, to bring strong vitality to Jingrong Town, and to bring a strong international style to Pidu!