Maker Service/ Enterprise Production Services

       Jingrong Town is one of 28 innovation and entrepreneurship demonstrationbases  in China and one of the three leadingmaker spaces in Chengdu. It has rich resources of universities and colleges,complete industrial facilities and abundant space carriers. Up to now,Jingrong Town has formed 855,000 square meters of maker space, gathering 1716emerging industry projects such as big data, drones, new materials,biomedicine, VR/AR technology and has Introduced 51 new incubators such asTsinghua TusHoldings and JD Cloud & AI, gathering more than 20,200 makers.

       Investment promotion process:

       Step 1: The person in charge of the project fills in theinformation  and submits the applicationfor settlement on the official website of Jingrong town;

       Step 2: The Investment Promotion Department of the Innovationand Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base Management Committee conducts apreliminary review based on the information provided by the project party;

       Step 3: The projects that have passed the preliminaryexamination shall participate in the project review meeting organized by theChengdu  Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDemonstration Base Management Committee;

       Step 4: Projects that have passed the project review meeting canchoose to settle in the carrier or incubator provided by Jingrong Town and gothrough the settlement procedures.

       Contact information:

       the big data field: 028-64199518;

       the field of intelligent manufacturing: 028-64024836;

       the biomedical field: 028-87891111;

       other fields: 028-64199519.


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