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        Jingrong maker Loan is a large-amount cloud credit technologyinnovation credit product jointly created by the People's Government of PiduDistrict and Sichuan XW Bank to improve the innovation and entrepreneurshipsupport system of Jingrong Town and solve the capital problems ofstart-ups. Maker submits the Jingrong maker loan application to theChengdu  Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDemonstration Base Management Committee, and the management committeerecommends it to XW Bank after approval.

        Jingrong maker Loan has the function of "second applicationand second loan  and repayment", themain features are as follows:

        ü The quota is 100,000-1 million yuan;

        ü Duration: 12-36 months, loan and return;

        ü Interest rate: XW Bank provides interest rate support,annual interest rate is 7.2%, calculate interest by day;

        ü Repayment method: equal principal and interestpayment/monthly interest , annual principal repayment, 0 service charge forprepayment;

        ü Validity period of quota: 1 year. Within the validityperiod of the quota, customers can perform withdrawal operations. After thevalidity period of the quota, the quota will be frozen. For loans withinthe validity period of the quota, the maximum single term is 3 years.

        application process:

        Step 1: The company submits paper application materials to theMaker Service Department of the Chengdu  Innovationand Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base Management Committee;

        Step 2: the Chengdu  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration BaseManagement Committee will review the application materials and submit arecommended list to XWt Bank;

        Step 3: XW Bank grants credit to eligible applicants basedon the recommended list.

        Contact:Maker Service Department of the Chengdu  Innovationand Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base Management        Committee: Yang Shiqi,028-64024356



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