Jingrong Town
Jingrong town is one of the first 28 mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases in China and one of the three leading areas of Chengdu's mass innovation space. Based on the comparative advantages of abundant resources, complete industrial supporting facilities and abundant space carriers in Pidu, Jingrong town adheres to international standards, market-oriented operation and professional services, and makes great efforts to build a global innovation center by taking advantage of Optical Valley and Silicon Valley. Through policy guidance, improvement of supporting facilities, optimization of services, platform sharing, vertical industrial chain incubation, accelerating the gathering of government, industry, University and research funds, talents, projects and other all factor entrepreneurship and innovation ecological chain, initially forming a new situation of idle buildings turning into maker space, innovation and entrepreneurship promoting economic transformation. When visiting Jingrong Town, Premier Keqiang gave full affirmation: "empty dormitories cleverly change maker space, just like new economy backdoor traditional industries' listing '".
Jingrong Hot Spot
Youth Talking about Double Creation, Energetic Burning City" Jingrong Town "Double Creation" Challenge Concluded Successfully

The 2018 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week was officially launched in Chengdu on October 9. The theme of the activity week is "High-level innovation and high-quality development". Sanchuang Valley has always adhered to the construction concept of "Guiding Innovation, Promoting Entrepreneurship, and Advocating Creation", actively responding to the government's call, with the purpose of creating special activities and reflecting the unique charm of Jingrong Town Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, and specially undertook "Double Innovation" Seek challenge theme activities. This event was sponsored by the Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base Management Committee and undertaken by Sanchuang Valley. It actively participated in the 2018 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week with practical actions, and promoted "double innovation" with lively, interesting, novel and meaningful activities. The in-depth popularization and in-depth development of culture.

The "Double Creation" search activity took the cultural elements and landmarks of the innovative and entrepreneurial communities in Jingrong Town as the targets for the participating young college students. The activity encourages everyone to gather these landmark pictures and take photos with landmark elements as quickly as possible, which not only showcases the achievements of "double innovation" in a vivid way, but also presents the concept and culture of "double innovation" in a three-dimensional way, so that young college students can feel it firsthand To the tremendous changes brought about by "double innovation" to life and social development.

Young friends rushed to every corner of the "double creation" block in Jingrong Town, looking for the profound meaning of "double creation", leaving an eternal memorial with the cultural elements of the maker at the moment of pressing the shooting button!

The students also wrote their dream statement on the display stand. There are both "extreme excellence, no end to innovation", there is also the youthful and lively "innovation is yours, and you innovate"; there are both the courage of "fearless dreams and live up to youth", and there are also "entrepreneurial dreams," The heroic of "Innovative and Strong China"!

Everyone also rushed to leave young palm prints on the event theme exhibition board. These colors are fresh and vivid, and the traces of different shades are like the youth of "harmony but different", bright, enthusiastic and vibrant. The block is concentrated with startups, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects in various industries, which allows potential future makers to feel the unique charm of innovation and entrepreneurship in the course of the event.

Fun activities highlight the charm of "double innovation"

The event came to an end in the bright sun. "Double Entrepreneurship Week" shows its side full of passion and dreams, and also highlights its side full of challenges and dangers. However, the determination and confidence in innovation and entrepreneurship aroused during the event will extend to a promising future, leading young college students to work hard for the country, the society, and their personal ideals!

Jingrong Town Tianhu Power was selected as 2018 China's 100 Characteristic Spaces

On August 23, Chuang Toutiao and the Capital Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Institute co-sponsored the 2018 China Creative Space Feature Development Conference with the theme of "Innovation·Upgrade" in Beijing. Nearly a thousand people from the national innovation and innovation incubation department leaders, associations and alliance leaders, incubator leaders and well-known guests from the investment and corporate service industry gathered together to discuss the country’s “building an upgraded version of innovation and innovation and out of the acceleration of China’s innovation”. In the innovation stage, how to differentiate and develop high-quality incubation carriers such as crowd-creation space, and how to integrate and develop related ecological industries such as investment and corporate services. In-depth sharing and discussion were conducted, which pointed out the direction for the upgrading and development of the carrier platform .

















       作为四川电信打造的智慧双创创业孵化和产业升级服务平台,天虎动力依托中国电信综合信息服务及多个战略性新兴业务平台资源,发挥平台、技术、资源整合优势,打造 “线上+线下”“开放平台+产业背景+专业孵化”相结合的双创孵化与云服务平台,积极参与并助力政府产业功能区发展。此外,天虎动力通过电信资源能力和内部经验输出为双创企业和当地政府提供差异化服务能力,提升企业信息化、管理和市场能力,构建发展新生态。










Maker Story | Zhao Pinxin: I want to develop Jitech into a well-known company in Jingrong Town

     He was born in Luzhou, Sichuan, grew up in Xinjiang, went to university in Qingdao, and worked in Zhuhai, Guangdong. He eventually chose to start his own business in Jingrong Town.

The roots of entrepreneurship

      Zhao Pinxin said that he majored in electronic information engineering at university. During his time at school, he worked part-time on mobile phone topics to earn tuition and living expenses. He also created a mobile application platform called "Safefish" with like-minded university students. It is precisely because of this creation that the root of entrepreneurship was planted in his heart.

▲Zhao Pinxin at work

The heart of entrepreneurship

      Zhao Pinxin, who had just graduated from university in 2015, chose to work in Guangdong. Because of his part-time experience during the university, he was comfortable at work. However, a year later, he resolutely chose to resign and start a business, not blindly following the trend, but working in Guangdong for more than a year. The accumulation of experience at work, the understanding of the entire Internet industry and company management and operations, as well as the heart of entrepreneurship made him resolutely make this decision.

From struggling to thriving

      At the beginning of the business, I was struggling. I took the start-up capital raised by my family and looked at the rent of office buildings. Occasionally, Zhao Pinxin heard a classmate from Chengdu talk about Jingrong Town, saying that it is a blessed place for entrepreneurs and the cradle of entrepreneurship for college students. The local government has established an annual entrepreneurial innovation and development fund of 50 million yuan, and will provide rent for the first 3 years of the project. , Property management is fully subsidized, providing 15 preferential policies in 8 categories, including project start-up support, talent rewards, operation subsidies, and financing subsidies for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship intermediary services and venture capital financial institutions. For Zhao Pinxin, who is helpless, this is simply a help. The full subsidy for rent and property management in the first three years has solved his current urgent need, not to mention there are so many other preferential policies for college students to start businesses. He immediately inquired After receiving the relevant information and contacting the Jingrong Town Maker Specialist, he successfully settled in the first phase of Jingrong Town Maker Park after the individual project review meeting. The government’s support from various aspects allowed him to truly take the first step in starting a business. He founded Weiji Technology Co., Ltd., with spacious and clean office space available. The rent-free preferential policy for the first three years has allowed Weiji Technology to grow vigorously. .  


▲Maker Park

         Zhao Pinxin said: “I have been in Jingrong Town for more than two years. In addition to the support of the office space, the government has also provided assistance in policies, laws, accounting and tax filing, and provided assistance in handling patents, qualifications, and other certifications. Lectures and training on knowledge of company management, equity structure, etc. have allowed us fledgling college students to avoid many detours on the road to entrepreneurship."

▲Weiji Technology participated in the 2018 Pidu District Double Innovation Achievement Exhibition

From business frustration to triple turnover 

       From the very beginning, only 3 founders have become an entrepreneurial team with more than 30 young people. The difficulties and sacrifices experienced in the middle may only be experienced by them. However, today's Weiji Technology has ranked third in the country in the mobile theme sector market report, second only to Shenzhen Palm Cool and Shanghai Dingsheng; mobile themes have been downloaded more than 100 million times, and the use area covers 185 countries and regions. Occupy 8 mainstream mobile phone markets; this year’s net profit has tripled from last year’s basis; the main business has also developed from one mobile phone theme to three. The partners have grown from the previous Meizu, Xiaomi, So far, Huawei has expanded to cooperate with all mobile phone manufacturers of the Android system, and has repeatedly won the number of mobile phone theme downloads, the monthly sales champion, and hundreds of millions of exposures in the main market of these cooperative manufacturers; it has obtained 1 software Copyright, 8 GUI visual patents, hundreds of design copyright patents.

       Weiji Technology always firmly believes that "there is no shortcut to entrepreneurship, only persistence and hard work will eventually succeed." They not only saw their own growth, but also witnessed the development and changes of Jingrong Town. The former hollow town, with inconvenient transportation and sparsely populated people, is now clearly positioned and more and more well-known companies have joined. The dedicated buses, light rails, and subways that are about to be completed make the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Jingrong Town more and more intense, and the entrepreneurial enthusiasm is increasing.

       Zhao Pinxin said: "I want to continue working hard in Jingrong Town, and will develop Ji Technology into a publicly known enterprise."

International! Sunas Industrial Park boosts the two-way internationalization of Jingrong Town!

      This year, top domestic and international competitions are intensively visiting Pidu District, where the 2018 "WORLDOFDANCE" World Dance Competition, the 2018 RA International Robot Competition·Future Engineering Challenge, GET IN THE RING, 2018FISE World Extreme Sports Tour and other series have been held here. In the competition, the international competition brand of Pidu District gradually expanded its influence and became the main force in the construction of Chengdu as a famous international competition city.

      Today, let us walk into the Shunas (Chengdu) International Enterprise Industrial Park and witness the international style of Jingrong Town together.

      Sunas (Chengdu) International Enterprise Industrial Park (STCC International Park-Chengdu, www.stccpark.com, referred to as "STCC Chengdu Industrial Park") is located in the Pidu District of Chengdu, one of the first demonstration bases for innovation and innovation in China. The only industrial park in the western region that is operated and managed by a team of professional American companies is affiliated to the Sunels International Group Inc. (www.sunelsgroup.com). The US Sunas Group was established in 2000 with the approval of the US government. It is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. It currently has branches and branches in San Francisco, Toronto, Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Nantong, and in Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Israel and other European countries have cooperative institutions, which are comprehensive international business exchange service group companies covering the fields of Sino-foreign exchange visits and conferences, domestic and foreign training, study abroad and education consulting, corporate investment and mergers and acquisitions, park planning and management.

      STCC Chengdu Industrial Park is committed to promoting the rapid growth of domestic and foreign companies in Chengdu, China. We leverage the resource advantages of the American Sunas Group in the Americas and Europe, and combine the local industrial development direction and focus of Pidu District. +, food and beverages, new technologies, intelligent manufacturing, overseas product sales, etc., help companies develop and grow.

      The trend of global economic integration is immense and irreversible, the world is becoming a "global village", and reform and opening up continue to deepen in an all-round way. On the one hand, foreign-funded companies are optimistic about Pidu, and international competitions frequently land in Pidu. Foreigners are also constantly visiting Jingrong Town. Pidu is opening its heart to welcome various elements from the world. As the only industrial park in western China that is operated and managed by a team of professional American companies, Shunas (Chengdu) International Enterprise Industrial Park is using its own way to let more and more international friends know about Jingrong Town and Rongzhen and visit Jingrong Town.

      Zhang Xingren, executive deputy general manager of STCC Industrial Park, said that STCC will make full use of the international resource advantages of the US Sunas Group to actively carry out foreign exchange activities and connect foreign companies and institutions to visit and settle down. Promote foreign exchanges and cooperation in Jingrong Town, and promote the construction of Pidu District's national double innovation demonstration base.

      Standing at the historical starting point of the new era, China will only open its door wider and wider, and high-quality development will inevitably proceed under more open conditions. Regarding the one-stop office park and living supporting services provided by Jingrong Town, Mr. Zhang said that STCC Industrial Park will continue to show international companies the most beautiful entrepreneurial environment and best entrepreneurial conditions in Jingrong Town, and provide one-stop, nanny-style services , To help international enterprises to integrate into the entrepreneurial environment of Jingrong Town, Pidu District in the fastest time.

      "We will not only'go global', and promote our entrepreneurial environment throughout the country and even the world; we will also'bring in' and introduce more high-quality foreign companies to help Pidu's international development." said Zhang.

      Continue to create more comprehensive, deeper, and more diverse foreign exchanges, continue to work around attracting international companies to land, and providing international standard services. STCC will seize the opportunity to bring continuous impetus to the park, to bring strong vitality to Jingrong Town, and to bring a strong international style to Pidu!